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Intelligent Line

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The observer
and reliable

Optimizing Power Lines

Through digitilazing, power companies will get the best dynamic line rating and be able to predict maintaince issues.


With a total weight of 4 kg, the observer can be installed on power lines of any size.

Quick Detection

With our Observer the true capacity of the power line can be monitored, and hazards can be detected. Once a problem is found, the robot knows the exact location, making it less time-consuming to fix a problem. The detection system helps keep power outage at a minimum, while making the maintenance process more effective.

Fast & Easy

With the help of a hotstick, the unit can be installed within 10 minutes, with no need of interrupting power supply.


Capacity Optimization

Continuous knowledge of the true power line capacity.

Hazard Detection

The observer monitors and detects sag, clearance, icing, wildfires, and problematic vegetation.

Maintenance Reduction

Drastically reduces the need for maintenance due to its preventive capabilities.

Facilitating For a Greener Future

Enables the integration of renewable energy into the grid.

Hot stick

Easy and fast installation, intuitive and integrated software solution included.


A dashboard that gives full surveillance of data collected.

M2M communication
24/7 monitoring of the power lines

Distance sensor

The sensor is part of the units DLR-function, making it possible to measure ground clearance.

Line sensors

With the combination of line temperature and line current data, power companies can ensure that the power grid works at optimal capacity,reducing the exaggerated safety margins that are used today.

Climate sensor

With ambient temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors, power companies can get live weather data from the power line.

Eye bolt

With a totalt weight of 4 kg the unit can be installed using a hot-stick.

4k imagery

Real-time high quality imagery directly from the power grid ensures that power companies can detect and take action in case of power line- and pylon mount damage. With AI it is also possible to detect and prevent damage ahead of time.

Pitch and roll sensor

Our units contain 9-DOF IMU sensors, enabling full 3D space orientation. This data shows the pitch and roll of the power lines, as well as the frequency and amplitude of vibrations on the line.

Optional wind sensor

Ultrasonic wind sensor for harsh environments. Ability of accurately measuring high wind speed and direction. Built-in heater for de-icing.