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Intelligent Line

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Optimizing Power Lines

Digitalization empowers power companies to attain the optimal dynamic line rating, accurately predict maintenance issues, and determine the true line capacity.


Thanks to its lightweight design, weighing only 4 kg, the Observer can be effortlessly installed on power lines of any size.

Quick Detection

With the Observer, power lines can be monitored for their true capacity and potential hazards, which enables quick and accurate identification of issues. This detection system reduces power outages and simplifies maintenance processes, resulting in an efficient and reliable operation.

Fast & Easy

The unit can be installed with a hotstick in just 2 minutes, without any need to interrupt the power supply.


Capacity Optimization

Our technology provides continuous monitoring to ensure you have an accurate understanding of your power line capacity in real time.

Hazard Detection

The Observer system provides constant monitoring of power lines and alerts to potential hazards, including sag, clearance, icing, wildfires, and vegetation, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the power grid.

Maintenance Reduction

Thanks to its preventive capabilities, the system substantially decreases maintenance requirements.

Facilitating For a Greener Future

Dynamic line rating technology enables the integration of renewable energy into the grid by providing real-time monitoring and control of the transmission capacity. .

Hot stick

Easy and fast installation without disrupting the power supply.


Our dashboard solution offers a complete analysis and monitoring of all collected data, providing you with the power to identify potential maintenance issues and accurately predict the true line capacity.

24/7 monitoring of the power lines

Pitch and roll sensor

Equipped with 9-DOF IMU sensors, our units provide complete 3D spatial orientation data, including the pitch and roll of power lines, the frequency and amplitude of line vibrations, and line sag and tension.

Distance sensor

The distance sensor is an integral component of the unit’s DLR function, allowing for real-time monitoring of ground clearance.

Line sensors

By combining line temperature measurements and real-time amperage data, power companies can optimize the capacity of the power grid and reduce the need for exaggerated safety margins currently in use.

Climate sensor

The climate sensor provides important DLR-inputs. By leveraging ambient temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensors, power companies can gather accurate weather data from the immediate surroundings of the power lines in real-time. This data provides key inputs for the analysis of vegetation growth and ice formation.

Eye bolt

The unit’s compact and lightweight design allows for easy installation using a hot-stick without the need for heavy equipment or disruption to power supply. This practical solution streamlines the installation process and minimizes downtime for power companies.

4k imagery

Our real-time high-quality imagery empowers power companies to swiftly detect and respond to any power line or pylon mount damage. Advanced AI technology proactively identifies potential damage, minimizing costly downtime and improving overall system reliability.

Optional wind sensor

The optional ultrasonic wind sensor is designed for use in harsh environments and is capable of accurately measuring high wind speed and direction. Additionally, the sensor features a built-in heater for de-icing, ensuring reliable performance even in extreme weather conditions.