Power lines just got smart.

Our EGG robot senses and removes snow, ice, and vibrations from power lines. By 2023, we are solving a global infrastructure problem and cutting maintenance costs – by up to 90 %.

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Failing power distribution due to weather impact is a substantial global problem, costing society billions of Euros yearly. All across the world, millions of inhabitants experience power outages, and businesses suffer huge production losses. Service workers and pilots put their lives at risk to maintain and repair power lines in all kinds of climates and weather conditions. Maintaining power distribution is, in fact, far more costly than power production itself.

Our robot is designed to solve many of these issues. By sensing and reacting to weather conditions, it reduces stress on power lines, ensuring operational lines year after year, and cutting maintenance needs drastically.


A 200-year-old invention and AI


Cycles before maintenance

At the heart of the EGG, you’ll find a gyroscope controlled by cutting edge technology, sensors, and AI, all powered by induction from the very power line they are assisting. By harvesting the electromagnetic fields that surround the power line, the EGG is capable of thousands of cycles before requiring maintenance.

IMU sensors

Sense the slightest difference in position

The built-in IMU sensors sense the slightest difference in position, both in height and sideways movement. The robot spins up its gyroscope in seconds to counter movements caused by winds and makes rapid vibrations in order to shake off snow or ice.

The result is a significant reduction of stress on power lines, meaning the chances of power failure reduce to a minimum.

Y 2023

EGG robot going worldwide

In the near future, mounting and deploying the EGG will be automated with the help of heavy-duty drones.

Y 1852

Development of Gravitational Gyro

The robot is named EGG, short for Electronic Gravitational Gyro. The invention of the gyroscope has been one of the most profound inventions of our time; aviation would not be possible without it, as it keeps planes and helicopters leveled midair.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Surrounding vegetation presents a constant hazard to power lines. Falling trees cause power cuts and damage, and vegetation growing in power line gates makes maintenance challenging.

Our robots are equipped with a camera using pixel scanners to map the surrounding vegetation. Power line companies receive a real-time picture of the status along every power line and can predict when it’s time to clear out the area below.

Be the first in line.

Our self-learning prototypes are deployed and tested on different powerlines in changing environments and weather conditions.

Our AI software is constantly learning and adapting to new environments and surrounding vegetation. By 2023, a fully operational robot will be released to the market. Collaborating power companies will be prioritized.

Our vision is to secure power continuity.

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Power lines are about to get powered up.


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