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Intelligent line

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The Defender
Robust and

Patented technology

Our Defender unit features state-of-the-art gyroscope technology that can quickly and effectively remove snow and ice from the conductor or stabilize the power line to minimize vibrations and fluctuations. This innovative solution is poised to solve a global infrastructure problem and significantly reduce maintenance costs by 2024. Are you interested in learning more about our cutting-edge product or collaborating with us on a pilot project? Contact us now to find out how we can help improve your power grid operations.



Removes ice and snow from power lines, while also stabilizing and minimizing vibrations on the conductor.

Capacity Optimization

Continuous knowledge of the true power line capacity.

Hazard Detection

The Defender monitors and detects sag, clearance, icing, wildfires, and vegetation, and can also clear ice, stop galloping lines, and prevent damage.

Maintenance Reduction

Our system drastically reduces the need for maintenance due to its preventive capabilities.

Facilitating For a Greener Future

Enables power companies to adjust transmission line capacity in real-time, allowing for better integration of renewable energy sources, maximizing existing infrastructure, reducing the need for costly upgrades, and increasing overall grid reliability.


A dashboard software for monitoring power lines that provide real-time data, predictive analytics, and alerts to quickly identify and address issues, improve efficiency, and enhance reliability. Ready to be integrated into existing SCADA systems.